The current economic forecast is not great and this being compounded throughout the country by the hard hitting load shedding schedules that have infiltrated all our lives. With so much bad news around it's easy falling into a mindset of fear and negativity. This mindset then causes us to move into victim mode and here we miss out on all of the bright opportunities presented to us on a daily basis. We have to replace these negative thoughts with positive, hold our chins and heads up high so that we can see and seize the positive opportunities that are presented to us every single day. With this clear head and strong mind 2023 will be an incredible year for all of us together.

The domain name investment principle presented is incredibly straight forward. You purchase a percentage ownership up to 100%. When the domain name sells you are paid out the percentage that you own from the selling price, less our fees. Fees range from 20 - 30% and the domain names selected will provide each owner a return of 40 - 60%. These returns are issued to all owners within 48 hours of the domain name sale.

Owners will be notified promptly regarding any market changes, valuation fluctuations or offers that may be received during the tenure of ownership. As owners it will also be your decision to accept or decline any offers received that may be lower than the advertised amounts.



* Trends

Certain trend or fashion orientated domain names may even drop in value over time.

* Times

The selling time of any domain name is impossible to predict.


The sale of a domain name to a buyer cannot be guaranteed.

* Returns

Returns will only be seen when the domain name is sold or if the owner sells his percentage ownership to another party.

* Profits

Domain name investing has seen fantastic returns over the last 10 years. It should however not be used to make a quick overnight profit. The right price takes time and patience.



Please also read all terms of service for using this platform. Now that you are aware of the benefits as well as the potential risks of domain name ownership, we hope to have you on our domain investment platform moving forward. We have the history, we have the experience and we have the figures to back it up. It will be our pleasure to welcome you on board as one of our new domain name investors.




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