Silver-backed Silver:

Welcome to Plus Pointing by Bay Point Trading

About Us

We have been a trusted name in the market since 2002. We pride ourselves on offering exclusive products and services to our esteemed clients, now including the prestigious 1-ounce Silver Krugerrands. Each purchase includes storage, insurance and our full asset backup protection.

The Benefits of Owning Silver

Investing in silver offers several amazing benefits:

  1. Wealth Preservation: Silver has historically been a reliable store of value, protecting your wealth against inflation and economic uncertainties.
  2. Market Potential: With increasing industrial demand and limited supply, the value of silver has significant potential to multiply in the very near future.
  3. Hedge Against Currency Depreciation: By holding silver, especially valued in US dollars, you protect your wealth from the potential depreciation of your local currency. Silver, held in US dollars, offers a robust safeguard against the depreciation of your local currency. This dual advantage of wealth protection and currency hedging makes silver a compelling addition to any investment portfolio.

Easy buy and sell process

When you decide to sell your Silver Krugerrands, simply notify us, and we will pay you the current spot silver price plus an additional 15%. This ensures that you not only secure a safe investment but also benefit from a profitable return when you choose to liquidate your holdings. The Silver price is taken twice daily on business days. (10h00 and 15h00 )

Our Unique Offering

Every silver order @ R1150 has complimentary storage with IBV Vaults. All coins are fully insured and backed up by our own storage reserves. This redundancy provides an added layer of security and protection to your investment.

Why Choose Us

  • Reputation: Operating since 2002, we have a long-standing history of trust and reliability.
  • Premium Products: Exclusive access to 1-ounce Silver Krugerrands.
  • Secure Storage: Free, advanced storage solutions with IBV Vaults, fully insured and all sales are backed up by our own storage stock levels.
  • Profitable Returns: Guaranteed payout at current spot price plus 15% when you sell.
  • Currency Protection: Investments valued in US dollars, shielding you from any currency depreciation.
For more information or to make a silver purchase, contact us today!