Wine: 2024 Sonvanger C.B. (6)


Charm from Stellenbosch: Sonvanger 2024 Chenin Blanc

Appearance: This Chenin Blanc presents a pale straw color in the glass, shimmering with hints of gold, reminiscent of sunlight dancing on a mountain stream.

Nose: Upon nosing, delicate floral aromas of jasmine and honeysuckle gently rise, intermingling with vibrant notes of ripe pear and juicy peach. A hint of mountain herbs adds a subtle earthy complexity, evoking the rugged landscape from which this wine originates.

Palate: The first sip reveals a beautifully balanced wine with a refreshing acidity that dances on the palate. Crisp flavors of green apple and citrus zest burst forth, followed by layers of tropical fruits such as pineapple and guava. There's a lovely mineral undertone that speaks to the rocky terroir of the Stellenbosch Rugged Mountain region, adding depth and structure to the wine.

Finish: The finish is long and satisfying, leaving behind lingering impressions of ripe fruit and a touch of spice. With its lively acidity and elegant fruit profile, this Chenin Blanc is both invigorating and complex, inviting you to take another sip and explore its multifaceted character further.

Overall, the 2024 Chenin Blanc from the Stellenbosch Rugged Mountain region is a true expression of its terroir, showcasing the pristine beauty and rugged charm of its mountainous origins.

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