Wine: Natural Sweet Sparkling Rose (6)


Natural Sweet Sparkling Rose!

Crafted with meticulous care and a commitment to purity, this natural sweet sparkling rosé is a symphony of flavor and elegance. Delicate bubbles rise gracefully in the glass, hinting at the effervescent delight to come. Aromas of fresh strawberries and raspberries greet the senses, intertwined with delicate floral notes of rose petals and hibiscus, evoking the essence of a summer garden in bloom.

On the palate, luscious layers of ripe berry fruit unfold, balanced by a subtle sweetness that dances across the tongue. Notes of juicy watermelon and hints of citrus add complexity and brightness, while a touch of minerality provides structure and depth. The wine's vibrant acidity lends a refreshing finish, leaving the palate awash with lingering fruit flavors and a subtle kiss of sweetness.

With its natural purity and vibrant character, this sparkling rosé is a celebration of nature's bounty, offering a sensory journey that delights and enchants with every sip. Perfect for toasting special moments or simply savoring life's simple pleasures, it is a sparkling treasure to be cherished and enjoyed.

W.O. Western Cape.

Alc. 7.5% by Vol.

Orders strictly by pre-order & bottling end of June 2024